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Residents launch URGENT motion to force debate on proposed CPZ parking charges

James Giles



Residents in Kingston have launched an urgent motion to force a debate on the proposed 350% increase to parking permit charges in controlled parking zones.

If the petition reaches 500 signatures, it will be debated on April 23rd at Guildhall, at 7:30pm, in front of all councillors.

The petition is only 75 signatures short (at time of writing (11am Wednesday)), with the deadline being this Wednesday at 23:59pm.

Sign here:

COMMUNITY MOTION: Demanding Better on Resident Parking

This Council notes:
- the failure of the Liberal Democrat administration to meet their promises, set out in their 2018 local manifesto, to "Provide free residents parking permits to all electric and hybrid cars and look at differential parking charges in Council car parks", and instead pursue a regressive tax on residents living within CPZs;
- the huge public outcry in response to these changes, which has resulted in a petition of over 2000 signatures;
- the lack of openness and transparency in consultation carried out by the current administration and the feelings being expressed by residents that consultation is just a tick box exercise, that they are being ignored by RBK and that the Council is just doing whatever it wants to do; and
- the failure of the Liberal Democrat administration to meet their promise, set out in their 2018 local manifesto, to be 'a democratic, transparent and listening council', which further reinforces the feeling that RBK will just do whatever it wants to, regardless of the views of residents.

This Council believes:
- the Liberal Democrat council is not engaging with residents; that public consultation has been poor in general but particularly bad in regard to the proposed CPZ charges;
- it is important to find ways to drive behavioural change and improve air quality in the borough by discouraging unnecessary car journeys, encouraging the use of environmentally friendly forms of transport, through less regressive means;
- a regressive tax on older vehicles, whilst allowing newly purchased £100k cars to have free permits, will hit the financially vulnerable the most in our borough; and
- it is imperative that residents feel the council is doing things with residents, not to residents, and, as such, does not consider consultations a 'tick-box' exercise.

This Council resolves to:
i. listen to and engage with our residents;
ii. be sure we have identified groups that need to be included in our consultations and communications;
iii. properly consult with our residents on issues that affect them;
iv. be accountable to our residents;
v. make sure senior Administration politicians are answerable to our residents for policy and that they do not stand behind Council officers who are employed to implement policy agreed by politicians; and
vi. in light of the thousands of residents who have displayed their opposition to the proposed CPZ charges, to immediately halt the rollout of changes to resident parking permits, and seek a better way forward.


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James Giles is the Editor of the Kingston Enquirer, covering local news and events in Kingston, New Malden, Surbiton, Tolworth and Chessington.

Kingston Town

Lib Dems in CHAOS after 2000 sign petition on parking charges… but refuse to back down

James Giles




Kingston Lib Dems are in chaos after refusing to back down on controversial changes to parking permits in the borough, instead announcing an amended scheme which has been blasted by residents as ‘hap-dash and ill-thought-out’.

The proposals would have resulted in a 350% hike in the cost of a parking permit for some residents in the borough, whilst newly purchased Teslas would get to park for free.

Instead, amended proposals announced today mean that cars will, this year, face a cost of up to £245, up from the current £90, but down from the proposed £465.

In a press release explaining the rationale for the latest amendment, Councillor Hilary Gander said: “I believe that differential parking is one measure that will go towards achieving [cleaner air in Kingston].

“It seems, however, we may have moved too fast and not fully explained our approach.”

The ruling Lib Dem administration has, refused to rule out increasing the charges again next year, and have not announced how they are plugging the £525,000 gap this will leave in their budget for this financial year.

New Malden resident Angie, who lives in Queens Road, said: “It’s clear to me from what the Lib Dems have written that they fully intend to increase permit costs again next year – it’s not a case of ‘moving too fast’, it’s a case of these charges being discriminatory and unfair.

“How on earth can the Council practically halve these figures on a whim. It just proves that this is not really about tackling the issue of air quality, it’s about making a quick buck.”

Campaigners who set up a group to attempt to halt these proposals say that this latest amendment will not reduce local opposition to the plans, and are urging residents affected to attend Full Council at the Guildhall next Wednesday, starting at 7:30pm, where they have forced the Council to debate the issue by raising a community motion.

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