PLEA: Can you help find lost Pinscher ‘Paris’ in Kingston?

Are there any local residents out there who have seen a black and tan Pinscher wearing an ‘I Love NY’ hoodie in Kingston over the last few days?


Owner, Kerrie-Anne Lee of 9 year old Pinscher, named ‘Paris’, is appealing for any information or sightings from local residents over the whereabouts of her dog since it went missing in New Malden on 2nd December.

Paris went missing at South Lane Parade in New Malden on 2nd December, where has been reported via site ‘DogLost’ that she was seen along Abermarle Gardens in New Malden, before being seen heading through Green Lane to the Berrylands. The next day, Paris was spotted heading towards St. John’s Church and the University grounds, before reportedly heading towards Market Place and the Riverside in Kingston, perhaps in search of food. Kerrie-Anne then had a call to say that a lady was seen feeding Paris towards the Surbiton end, and the dog was later seen along Surbiton High Street and resting in Claremont Gardens. Kerrie-Anne adds “We walked up and down, passing Claremont Gardens and the Crescent, checking in the bushes etc. We only later discovered that she had eventually returned and slept in the Gardens following a call later on Friday to advise that she had been spotted early Friday morning asleep there and the gentleman’s dog woke her up. So frustrating as we were calling and calling, but we must have missed each other.” – The following morning, a lady who had previously fed Paris attempted to look out again to feed her and return her home to Kerrie-Anne, and was told she unfortunately bolted along Kingston Bridge towards Richmond. “We thought she would have doubled back as there was more option for food along the Kingston and Surbiton side of the Riverside.” says Kerry-Anne. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, Kerrie-Anne has received no further leads.

Kerrie-Anne said:

“She is my best friend, the light of my life; she brought me through some really tough times and she is the most amazing dog I have ever known, every day surprising me with her intelligence and her gentle nurturing nature. She makes me laugh every day and makes a long day at work melt away with her bouncing spirit. She is not afraid of big dogs – she is really well socialised. She loves people but obviously under these circumstances she has become exceptionally wary. She loves food. A proper foodie, she could be gently coaxed with food (especially at this stage), perhaps invited to share a warm spot if someone is calm enough with her and doesn’t chase. She understands “wait” , “paw”, “down”, “up” and “come here” and, most importantly “breakfast”. She knows “treat” and “dinner” but I always get more of a reaction with “breakfast”! Anything you can do to help I would really appreciate. Anything at all.”

If you have any information, even if only a potential sighting, please call 07968 751 397 or 07793 885 125 as soon as possible.


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