#LibDemFightback: Bob Geldof slams Goldsmith over Brexit and endorses Lib Dems

Bob Geldof has slammed Zac Goldsmith for being the “poster-boy” of the Brexiteers and backed the Liberal Democrats in tomorrow’s by-election in Richmond Park, as he comes to campaign with the party’s candidate Sarah Olney in the constituency this afternoon.

Speaking in a video message ahead of his visit, Bob Geldof said:

“I know Zac Goldsmith and I like the guy, but the plain fact is that Zac is a political failure.

“Worst of all of is that he’s not only failed but betrayed the people of Richmond, who like the rest of London, voted overwhelmingly to stay in Europe.

“How can Goldsmith represent the opinion of the people of Richmond in Parliament when he is the poster-boy for the Brexiteers and is urging the government daily on its catastrophic course?

“The fightback can begin in Richmond tomorrow; Zac has to go.”

Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron said:

“I’m grateful to Bob Geldof for standing up for pro-European voices at a time when our country needs them more than ever.

“We’re both backing Sarah Olney to win tomorrow to send a shockwave through Downing Street and turn the tide on a reckless hard Brexit.”

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