@JamesBerryMP supports greater protection for police officers

Speaking in a debate on the issue of police officer safety yesterday, James Berry has stressed the need establish greater protections for police officers after figures revealed that there were 23,000 assault on police officers in 2015/2016.

In his speech, Berry praised Kingston’s Borough Commander and its officers for the role they have played in making Kingston the safest borough in London and spoke about his recent “Ride Along” with two response officers.  He welcomed the introduction of body-worn cameras in safeguarding officers on the beat, and emphasized the need for personal safety equipment to be more readily available to police officers, calls echoed by other MPs.  He stressed the importance of high quality training for police officers and suggested that the College of Policing had a greater role to play in this regard, hopefully moving to the status of aRoyal College status in recognition of the professional nature of policing.

Commenting, Mr Berry said:

“I stood on a platform of giving the police the tools they need to do their job. Since May 2015 the government has done so with the Psychoactive Substances Act, which should reduce the many assaults on police officers linked to psychoactive substances, and is trying to do so again with the Investigatory Powers Bill, ensuring the police’s powers stay up to date with the technology criminals are now using.  

“It was good to have another opportunity to put on record my thanks to our amazing police officers in Kingston who put themselves in danger day in, day out to keep us safe – in fact, safer than other Borough in London.”

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