Introducing the Kingston Enquirer

Coombe Monthly was placed on hiatus eighteen months ago, in January 2017. Since then, much has changed. Local press in Kingston has declined more than I would ever have considered possible at the start of 2017; Kingston needs a voice to share the good, the bad and the ugly – hopefully the good more often than the bad! In the current climate, I can’t sit back and watch as Kingston loses it’s voice.

Such a huge decline in the landscape of the local press, however, requires a huge change. Many residents have been in touch recently urging me to re-establish Coombe Monthly. Whilst Coombe Monthly did some fantastic work, if I may say so myself, providing ‘a Voice for Kingston’ requires something bigger, which is why ‘Coombe Monthly’ is re-launching in the form of the ‘Kingston Enquirer’, which more accurately portrays the re-invigorated vision of the site; a Voice for Kingston.

Much will remain as it used to be – we’ll still be covering local news and events, as well as the latest from the Guildhall – but we’re also introducing ‘Your Voice’, a place where you can have your voice heard. More information on Your Voice will be released in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, please send us through your local news and events, to, or call on 020 3020 0037.

James Giles, Editor of the Kingston Enquirer

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