Extraordinary meeting to determine fate of Burlington expansion

Local parents and residents are invited to make their views on the proposed expansion of Burlington Junior School known at an extraordinary meeting of the Council called after local campaigner James Giles launched a last-minute attempt to stop the expansion to five-form entry.

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The Council have arranged a special meeting of the Scrutiny Panel, chaired by Old Malden Councillor Kevin Davis, to determine whether or not the school will be expanded to five-form entry after the initial decision was set aside in light of Mr Giles’ successful petition which resulted in the Conservative opposition calling in the original decision.

This is the last attempt that residents will have to have their voices heard and views known, before the panel will make a decision at the meeting in public on the 8th January.

Save the date: 8th January 2020, 7:30pm – Burlington Junior Scrutiny Panel

Want to tell Councillors that you’re against the expansion of Burlington Junior School to five-form entry? Sign below and an email will be sent to those on the Scrutiny Panel, Ward Councillors and Leaders of the Liberal Democrats, Conservatives, Green Party, Kingston Independent Residents Group and Labour Party:

Tell your Councillors: Vote AGAINST five-form entry at Burlington Juniors

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