Residents release emergency statement urging MPs to oppose action in Syria

We, the undersigned, believe that to defeat ISIS a comprehensive political solution must come first.

All efforts should focus on achieving this before we consider joining a military offensive against an enemy that has become adept at avoiding air strikes. It is not obvious the bombing already carried out by our allies has been successful, as Islamic State has grown incapability, number and territory despite the air campaign.

With many nations and the Assad regime carrying out different bombing campaigns, civilians are increasingly bearing the brunt of these bombs. Adding British bombs will only add to the suffering of those trapped in the middle of one of the bloodiest civil wars the world has ever seen. IT can only lead to an increase in the number of people fleeing the terror on boats across the Mediterranean and make the threat of terrorist attacks in the UK more likely. In light of this we urge James Berry MP, Dr Tania Mathias MP and Zac Goldsmith MP to vote against the Government’s motion for the UK to join military action in Syria tonight.


Oppose action in Syria

This petition is now closed.

End date: Dec 03, 2015

Signatures collected: 33

33 signatures

Andree Frieze, Green Party London Assembly Candidate for London South West
Jon Tolley, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Grove Ward (Kingston Upon Thames)
John Coombs, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Heathfield Ward (Richmond & Twickenham)
Nic Fearon-Low, Chair of Transition Town Kingston
Aika Bugibayeva, Kingston Hill Officer & Union Affairs of Union of Kingston Students
Lily Reif, Roehampton Vale Campus Office & External Affairs of Union of Kingston Students
Richard Bennett, Chair of Richmond & Twickenham Green Party
Ryan Coley, Chair of Kingston Green Party
Cass Hall-Forty, President of Kingston University Young Greens
Molly Rose Bergin, President of Kingston University Feminist Society
Gabby Thorpe, President of Hillcroft College Student Association
Tanya Williams, Former Parliamentary Green Party Candidate for Twickenham
Clare Keogh, London Young Green Co-Chair and Former Parliamentary Green Party Candidate for
Kingston & Surbiton
Kate Worley
Peter Whitworth
Srikanth Viswanatha
Alex Nelson
Mustafa Jun
Nik Way
Chas Warlow
Hannah Smale
Tim Cobbett
Samual McCready
Siobhan Cockram
Roger Wilson
Danielle Coleman
Marilyn Mason
Jonathan Crabb
Clinton Fraser
Justin Mitchell
Dominic Warren
Laura Hutton
Les Stratton
Amelia Fairfield
Caroline Scott
Lucy Williams
Julius Griffin
Jack Grant
Lenny Grey
Peter Christian
Patrick Goodcare
Lorraine Groves
Neil Barton
Sylvia Hons
Tim Whitehead
Peter Lageard
Olivia Palmarozza
Lucy Howard
Rebecca Warren
Jemma Gouldbourne
Richard Donnelly
Amy Claire
Kenneth Green
Dr Marco Chiesa MD, FRCPsych
Jon Davis
Callum Grant
Alison J. West
Alison Hood
Alistair Farrow
Clare Brunt
Cressida Staddon
Monica Saunders
Britta Goodman
Paul Stanyer
Polly Munslow
Anne Woods
Peter Woods
Jonathan Stephen
Rene Bach
Barry Bennett
Tessa Kind
Maria Casey
Andrew Webster

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