Another one bites the dust as Council appoints sixth monitoring officer in less than 18 months

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Marie Rosenthal is to leave her role as Monitoring Officer at the end of August after a grand total of 129 days in the role.

The role of the Monitoring Officer is to ensure the Council is following due process and upholding the constitution.

She joins a long line of officers who couldn’t stand the heat of the sheer scale of incompetence at the local authority:

  1. Andrew Bessant (Left June 2018)
  2. Jeanette McGarry (01/06/2018-16/09/2018) Lasted 72 days – rumour has it she was pushed into resigning after insisting that the Head of the Lib Dem Group Office couldn’t take their political group meeting minutes…
  3. Linda Walker (17/09/2018-11/11/2018) Lasted 55 days
  4. Quentin Baker (12/11/2018-23/04/2019) Lasted 162 days
  5. Marie Rosenthal (24/04/2019-31/08/2019) Lasted 129 days

The Council have now appointed fresh-faced Lauren McCann to start in the role from the beginning of September. Lauren’s most senior experience to date is as Deputy Monitoring Officer to Kent Council.

We wish Lauren the best of luck in joining Kingston, but would be amazed if she makes it past Quentin Baker’s record-breaking 162 days in office…

James Giles

James Giles

This article was written before the Kingston Enquirer was regulated by IMPRESS.

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