About the Kingston Enquirer

I founded this news site to provide ‘Local News to Local People’ in 2014. In 2017, it was placed on hiatus. We’re back (with a bang!) in protest at the dishonesty and lies which Kingston Council spout on an almost daily basis.

This site will always strive to be absolutely truthful and that will often result in the Lib Dem council appearing in a less than favourable light. That is in their hands, a bit of honesty on their part would reduce the flow of critical stories to a trickle.

  • the Kingston Enquirer serves as a lightning rod for the issues that affect you, your family and your colleagues. If you have issues with your bin collections, noisy neighbours or dodgy parking, email us with your story. We can publicise your plight and get the attention of your councillors.
  • the Kingston Enquirer will be an ever-watchful observer of life in and around Kingston, keeping tabs on our local political “servants”, their actions and their expenses.

Additional comments about Kingston Council or the website are always welcome. Everything you read here is thoroughly checked with particular emphasis placed on the need for documentary evidence. New submissions will be subjected to similar checks. If you believe anything on this site to be incorrect please let me have the evidence so that a correction can be made.